Supplementary benefit

The purpose of the supplementary allowance scheme is to ensure a minimum income for people who have a short period of residence in Norway.

The allowance may be granted to people  who have attained the age of 67 and to disabled refugees, who receive reduced benefits from the National Insurance Scheme due to the length of residence in Norway.

The scheme ensures a total income corresponding to the National Insurance Scheme’s level for guaranteed pension and minimum annual disability benefit. The benefit is means-tested against all income and assets, also for any spouse, cohabitant or registered partner.

Recipients of the benefit must be resident in Norway and the benefit is not paid to persons living abroad. It is permitted to stay abroad for up to 90 days during each benefit period. To ensure that the conditions are met, applications for benefits must be submitted in person. The EEA agreement's provisions on social insurance do not have full effect on the benefit, and it is exempted from export also within the EEA.

More information

You can find more information about the supplementary allowance scheme on Nav's website.