The Planning and Building Act

The Planning and Building Act is a tool for safeguarding the public interest and managing land use. Planning pursuant to the Act shall ensure sustainable development for the whole country and that it is open to all to take part in decisions that concern their surroundings.


Introduction to the planning system and its processes

The following pages provide an introduction to the planning part of the Planning and Building Act and how the planning system works. You will find general guidelines and guidance for the individual steps and parts of a planning process, whether it takes place in your municipality, county/region or nationally.

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Planning and Building Act (2008)

Act of 27 June 2008 No. 71 relating to Planning and the Processing of Building Applications (the Planning and Building Act) (the Planning part)

What's new

National geospatial strategy towards 2025 - Everything happens somewhere

With this strategy, the Government will continue to develop this infrastructure. This strategy is based on the fact that “everything happens somewhere”, and it shows the direction of the work ahead.

Public Participation in Planning

Guideline: How to Facilitate Increased Public Participation and Influence in Municipal and Regional Plannning pursuant to the Planning and Building Act.