Norway signs framework-agreement for joint ammunition-procurement

On March 20st, Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp) signs a framework agreement which allows the European Defense Agency (EDA) to acquire ammunition on behalf of the signatory countries.

The Minister attends the EU «Security and Defense Partnership» forum on March 21st. It is the first time this forum is being held and it is designed to be an arena for dialogue between the EU and all its partners. The security situation in Europe and the relationship between the EU and its partners are among the topics that will be discussed.

- With this agreement, Norway gets full access to acquire ammunition in cooperation with other European countries. This harbors great potential for further cooperation, particularly in the Nordics, and gives new opportunities for Norwegian defence industry, the Minister underlined

The purpose of the agreement is to give several, and in particular smaller countries the opportunity to join together to acquire a number of ammunition types that are in high demand due to the war in Ukraine.

- I am dedicated to continuing our support for Ukraine, and this framework agreement will hopefully make it easier for European countries to keep up the pace of donations.

The Norwegian government has decided to contribute 250 MNOK to the EPF.

- This is a part of our donation of 8 Leopard II battletanks and four support vehicles. It will be earmarked for tank ammunition. The global demand for ammunition is bound to stay high for years to come, due to the war in Ukraine and the worsened security situation in Europe. I am therefore content to sign a framework agreement which allows Norway to join with other European nations in procuring ammunition jointly in the future, Gram concluded.

Press release from EDA: