Updated estimate for Norwegian gas deliveries in 2022

This content is more than 2 years old.

Based on production so far this year and the latest information on the coming months, the Norwegian authorities have updated the estimate for gas deliveries from the fields on the Norwegian shelf in 2022.

The updated estimate for gas sales in 2022 is 122 billion Sm3. This is 9 billion Sm3 higher than gas sales in 2021 and represents an increase of about 8 per cent. During the first quarter, the companies on the shelf delivered 1.7 billion Sm3, or 6 per cent, more gas than in the same quarter in 2021.

- This is a significant amount of energy. The energy content of the increase amounts to about 100 TWh. The companies are producing at full, or near full capacity. High prices give the companies strong incentives to utilize the production capacity on the fields, says Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland.

The majority of the increase is related to increased deliveries through the gas pipelines. In several fields, measures that can lead to increased deliveries in the short term have been implemented. The market situation has made it attractive for companies to sell a somewhat larger share of petroleum production (NGL) as pipeline gas.

In some fields, gas that was planned to be injected is now being sold in the market. In addition, non-critical maintenance in the gas supply chain has been postponed.

Where measures have been dependent on approval from the Ministry, the authorities have facilitated such projects, as long as they support the main objectives of the petroleum policy.

A share of the expected increase in deliveries compared to 2021 is due to Hammerfest LNG starting up again. In the estimate, it is assumed that the plant produces as much per month after start-up as in its last year in full production.

There is always uncertainty related to production estimates, also for the current year. A higher production level is dependent on safe and stable operation on fields and central facilities, and on start-ups going as planned.