The Council has decided to renegotiate the agreement between Norway and the EU to hinder VAT fraud

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The Council of the European Union decided Friday 17 June to re-open negotiations of the agreement on administrative VAT cooperation between Norway and the EU.

The Commission adopted 26 April 2022 a recommendation to the Council to re-open negotiations concerning the agreement on administrative cooperation in the field of VAT between Norway and EU. The purpose of the negotiations from Norway’s side, is to solve some practical challenges which has arised because the EU Member States have developed their cooperation since the agreement entered into force. Possible changes to the agreement will not entail any form of transfer of power or similar. The negotiations will concern changes to the agreement of a technical nature.

The agreement concerning administrative cooperation in the field of VAT between Norway and the EU is intended to combat international VAT fraud. The agreement entered into force in 2018, and ensures effective sharing of information, administrative cooperation and assistance in recovery of VAT claims. Furthermore, Norway can participate in the Eurofisc-network.

The Commission will participate in the negotiations on behalf of the EU. The negotiations between Norway and the EU will start shortly.

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