About the Ministry

Information about the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion has overriding responsibility for:

  • Labour market policy
  • Working environment and safety policy
  • Pensions policy
  • Welfare and social policy
  • Integration policy


The responsibilities of the Ministry can be divided into three main areas:

Acting as secretariat for the Minister: The Ministry shall assist the political leadership in formulating policies and overriding plans for implementing policy in its own areas of responsibility, provide assistance in connection with communication with the Storting and the Government, and submit important individual matters to the political leadership for consideration.

Attend to administrative tasks: The Ministry shall perform administrative tasks which are the responsibility of the Ministry, and act as the appeals and review body for matters decided by subordinate agencies.  

Manage and follow-up subordinate agencies: The Ministry shall stipulate goals, define limits, provide guidance and follow up the results of subordinate agencies in accordance with currently applicable statutes and regulations and political guidelines.