Folketrygdfondet manages the Government Pension Fund Norway (GPFN) at the behest of the Ministry of Finance.

The base capital of the GPFN has its origin in Natural Insurance Scheme surpluses accumulated until the late 1970s. The funds are predominantly invested in listed Norwegian securities under a mandate laid down by the Ministry of Finance. The returns are not transferred to the Treasury, and are instead added to the GPFN on an ongoing basis.

Further details concerning Folketrygdfondet
The activities of Folketrygdfondet are governed by Act of 29 June 2007 No. 44 relating to Folketrygdfondet. Moreover, the management of the GPFN is governed by the Mandate of 21 December 2010 No. 1790 for the Management of the GPFN.

The performance of Folketrygdfondet in its asset management and other activities is reported in, inter alia, the Report on the Management of the Government Pension Fund in 2022, Report No. 17 (2022–2023) to the Storting, and in Chapter 7 of the National Budget for 2023, Report No. 1 (2022–2023) to the Storting.

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