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  • Package of measures to support the oil and gas industry and the supply industry

    30/04/2020 Press release Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Children and Families, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    ‘Today we are presenting a major package of measures to maintain activity in the oil and gas industry and the supply industry. We are proposing temporary targeted changes to the taxation system to make it possible to carry out planned projects. In

  • To our youth

    30/04/2020 Speech/statement Ministry of Health and Care Services

    Our youngest are back at school and we are all happy about that. But I would like to talk about our young ones. Those who are still waiting, still longing. I would like to say to our young ones that you are not forgotten! Our goal is to have them

    By Minister of Health and Care services Bent Høie Speech held on the Corona Press Conference 27th April

  • Reducing oil production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

    29/04/2020 Press release Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    The corona pandemic and the efforts to contain it in large parts of the world have had substantial impact on economic activity globally and thereby also for oil demand. In the current unprecedented situation cuts in oil production introduced by the

  • The Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme 2020

    29/04/2020 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    This brochure gives a general overview of the Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme in 2020.

  • Norway for the UN Security Council 2021-2022

    29/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norway is seeking a seat as an elected member of the UN Security Council for the period 2021 - 2022.

  • Relevant speeches and statements

    28/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Relevant speeches and statements on the UN Security Council.

  • Norway seeking seat on UN Security Council in 2021-2022

    28/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Many of the challenges the world is now facing can only be addressed through cooperation with other countries. The UN is the most important forum for international cooperation. Norway has been a strong supporter, both financially and politically, of

  • Helping the most vulnerable

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The United Nations has estimated that nearly 170 million people will require humanitarian assistance in 2020. Norway has therefore set aside more money, made advance payments and granted extra flexibility to humanitarian organisations, thus enabling

  • Other Norwegian initiatives

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    In its capacity as chair of the AHLC, Norway has issued a statement on the situation in Palestine. The Government is also considering a Norwegian contribution to the IMF’s Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust as well as increased funding to

  • Development banks

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norway is a large and active donor to multilateral development banks.

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    WHO is one of our most important global health partners. In 2019 Norway was the third-largest donor of core funding to the organisation. This year Norway is contributing NOK 256 million in mandatory and core funding to WHO.

  • Vaccines and therapeutic medicines

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Vaccines are the most effective preventative measures against pandemics, which is why Norway is highly involved in the effort to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. Norway also seeks to ensure that any new vaccine will be distributed fairly,

  • Statement regarding revised offer and negotiations with tkMS

    27/04/2020 Press release Ministry of Defence

    Norway and Germany will procure identical submarines together. A revised offer was received from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in February and negotiations are now ongoing.

  • UN - the most important cooperation body

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The United Nations is our most important international cooperative body and plays a key role in coordinating, planning and carrying out a variety of initiatives. To enable UN organisations to quickly address the coronavirus pandemic, Norway moved up

  • IMF and Norway

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Finance

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce

  • Spring and Annual Meeting at IMF and IMFC

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Finance

    The Nordic Baltic Constituency (NBC) consists of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The constituency submits a statement to the International Monetary and Financial Committee, IMFC.

  • Norway: Major international effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic

    27/04/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The coronavirus pandemic’s economic and social ramifications will be dramatic. Poor countries with weak health systems and vulnerable population groups will likely be the hardest hit in terms of lives lost and economic damage.

  • Norway increases support for vulnerable migrants through IOM

    24/04/2020 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norway is providing NOK 30 million to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which coordinates United Nations migration activities. Part of the funding will provide support to humanitarian efforts by IOM to inform migrants and other

  • Norway to play leading role in international coronavirus summit

    24/04/2020 Press release Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The European Commission, under its President, Ursula von der Leyen, is to hold a virtual donor conference to mobilise political and financial support for efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Global Response Summit will be held

  • Prime Minister’s introduction at press conference on the revised marine management plans

    24/04/2020 Speech/statement Office of the Prime Minister

    Check against delivery. Norway is a maritime nation. Throughout our history, people have depended on the oceans and gained a livelihood at sea. Today, people working in the fishing industry, shipping and the petroleum industry all live off ocean

    By Prime Minister Erna Solberg

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