• The Communication Unit

    The Communication Unit coordinates communication by the Ministry.This includes media relations and monitoring, strategic communication with the sector and advising the Ministry’s departments and political leadership. The Communication Unit is also responsible for the content of the Ministry’s website at, and for managing its development.

  • Department of Early Childhood Education and Care

    The Department of Early Childhood Education and Care has overall responsibility for the kindergarten sector. The Department helps political leaders to formulate and implement national policies on kindergartens, by helping to prepare the national budget, collecting statistics and sharing its knowledge of the sector.

    Department director: Director General Morten Rosenkvist

  • Department of Education and Training

    The Department of Education and Training has overall responsibility for the thirteen years of primary and secondary education, as well as for Folk High Schools and the statutory entitlements of adults to a basic education.

    Department director: Director General Johan Raaum

  • Department of Higher Education

    The Department of Higher Education as the overall responsibility for higher education, post-secondary vocational education and training, researcher training, research and other activities at universities and university colleges.

    Department director: Director General Toril Johansson

  • Department of Research

    The Ministry’s Department of Research has strategic responsibility for research policy. Responsibilities include preparing white papers on research, and coordinating research policy across ministries. This is particularly relevant with respect to funding for research and development through the national budget.

    Department director: Director General Kari Balke Øiseth

  • Department of Policy Analysis, Lifelong Learning and International Affairs

    The Department of Analysis, International Affairs and Lifelong Learningpromotes and initiates work on analysis and documentation within the Ministry. Its responsibilities include educational research, statistics and indicators, and political analyses within all of the Ministry’s areas of activity.

    Department director: Director General Eivind Heder

  • Department of Administration and Finance

    The Department of Administration and Finance is responsible for HR policy, organisational development, finance, archiving, ICT, safety, security and emergency planning.

    Department director: Director General Knut Børve