Norwegian businesses operate in a global economy undergoing fundamental changes in terms of the nature of competition and distribution of economic power. The Trade Policy Department helps to create opportunities for Norwegian commerce and industry in foreign markets. The Department is responsible for negotiating free trade agreements through the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), promoting industrial cooperation and investment, and ensuring competitive and predictable schemes for export credit.

The Department consists of four sections:

  • Section for Trade Agreements
  • Section for Export Credit
  • Section for Internationalisation
  • Section for EEA

The department consists of the following sections

  • Trade Agreements

    Director Sveinung Røren

  • Section for export credits

    The section for export credits is responsible for the officially supported export credits system in Norway, which constitutes of guarantees provided by the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (Garantiinstituttet for eksportkreditt – GIEK) and loans provided by Export Credit Norway (Eksportkreditt Norge AS), as well as some follow-up concerning the remaining portfolio of loans from Eksportfinans (which previously provided export loans before Export Credit Norway). The section participates in the export credit groups in the OECD and the International Working Group on Export Credits (IWG), which is responsible for the development of international rules on export credits. In addition, the section also follows up the work on promoting Norwegian interests in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

  • Internationalisation

    The Section is responsible for export promotion and internationalisation, including bilateral economic commissions.

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