Department of Competition Policy

The Department of Competition Policy has overall responsibility for implementation of competition policy. This means that the department is responsible for developing, implementing and providing guidance on the Government’s strategies for meeting competition policy goals.

The Competition Act is one of the main instruments for competition policy, and the department is responsible for drafting this Act and for management of the Norwegian Competition Authority, which is the agency responsible for enforcing
the Competition Act.

The department is responsible for drafting and interpreting national and international legislation associated respectively with state aid and public procurements, including follow-up of the Act relating to public procurements and the Act relating to state aid.

Another major responsibility of the Department of Competition Policy involves a proactive role in ensuring the inclusion of competition policy considerations in the policy areas of the other ministries. The department is thus a valuable resource for the whole Government.

The department has extensive contact and collaboration with international specialized agencies, and deals with complaints from ESA associated with these areas. The department is responsible for ensuring that Norwegian legislation is adapted to the EEA rules of competition, and that new legislation is implemented.

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