Department of Competition Policy, Company Law and Economic Analysis

The Department has the overall responsibility for competition policy, corporate law and economic analysis.

The Department oversees the Competition Authority and the Complaints Board Secretariat. The Complaints Board secretariat serves the Public Procurement Complaints Board and the Competition Appeals Tribunal.

The Department oversees  corporate law and the legislation on registration in the Company register at Brønnøysundregisteret. Complaints concerning registration decisions by the Company register and the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities are reviewed and decided by the Department. The unit handles applications for exemptions based on the Private Limited Liability Companies Act, the Public Limited Liability Act and the Partnerships Act.

The Department performs economic analyses in a number of policy areas, and advice on economic policies.

The Department participates in various forums in EFTA, EU, OECD and WTO.

The department consists of the following sections

  • Company and Competition Law

    The Unit oversees company and competition law. This includes the Private Limited Liability Companies Act, the Public Limited Liability Act, the Partnerships act, the Cooperative Societies Act and the Foundations Act, as well as the Competition Act, the EEA Competition Act and the Price Policy Act. Legislation that is clear and easy to use simplify the running of businesses and thereby promote economic growth. Therefore, the unit continuously works to improve the regulatory framework for businesses.

    Section manager: Director Marit Elisabeth Bolstad

  • Economic Analysis

    The Unit advices on general industrial policy and performs economic analysis. It provides advice on how to facilitate fair and effective competition and promote sustainable growth in the Norwegian economy.

    Section manager: Director Silje Ones

  • Public procurement

    The Public Procurement Unit oversees the regulations on public procurement, i.e. the Public Procurement Act, the Public Procurement Regulation, the Utilities Regulation and the Concession Contract Regulation.

    Section manager: Acting Director Vibeke Andersen

  • State Aid

    The State Aid Unit oversees the State Aid Act with regulations. The purpose of the common regulatory framework on state aid in the European Economic Area is to prevent national and local authorities from favouring certain enterprises or industries in a way which could distorts competition.

    Section manager: Acting Director Elisabeth Torkildsen