Economic Policy Department

The Economic policy department develops and implements policies and framework conditions for business and industry and has a central role designing a comprehensive business policy that facilitates restructuring and green transition. The department has six sections and 50 employees.

The department consists of the following sections

  • Better Regulation and agency governance

    The section coordinates the government´s work for better regulation and reduction in the business sector’s administrative costs.

    Director Solveig Brekke Skagen

  • Company and Competition Law

    The Unit oversees company and competition law. This includes the Private Limited Liability Companies Act, the Public Limited Liability Act, the Partnerships act, the Cooperative Societies Act and the Foundations Act, as well as the Competition Act, the EEA Competition Act and the Price Policy Act. Legislation that is clear and easy to use simplify the running of businesses and thereby promote economic growth. Therefore, the unit continuously works to improve the regulatory framework for businesses.

    Director Marit Elisabeth Bolstad

  • Industry

    The Industry section is responsible for economic policy towards Norwegian industry, and it monitors policy developments in the energy and agricultural sectors.

    Director Fredrik Norman

  • Mineral

    The mineral section develops an economic policy for the Norwegian Mineral Sector.

    Director Hege Sandvik

  • Seafood

    The Seafood Section covers the entire seafood value chain, work on aquatic food systems and food security. The section is also responsible for issues related to food law and EEA-legislation relating to food and veterinary issues. Seafood industry policy, marketing and consumption are also issues under the species of the section.

    Director Rune Dragset

  • Section for Services and Tourism

    The section is responsible for economic policy related to the service industries. The service industries include, among others, the tourism industry, the retail industry, the hospitality industry, business services, and cultural and creative industries.

    Director Live Albriktsen

  • The Svalbard Office

    The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries owns and administers the state’s real property in Svalbard. The Ministry has an office in Longyearbyen.

    Director General Sigrid Dahl Grønnevet