The Seafood Section covers the entire seafood value chain, work on aquatic food systems and food security. The section is also responsible for issues related to food law and EEA-legislation relating to food and veterinary issues. Seafood industry policy, marketing and consumption are also issues under the species of the section.

The Seafood Section is responsible for matters pertaining to the first-hand sale of fish in Norway, the First Hand Sale of Wild Living Marine Resources Act, and the fish sales organisations.

Working towards sustainable aquatic food system and food security, both nationally and internationally, are core responsibilities. This includes measures aimed at increasing the domestic consumption of seafood in line with official dietary advice.


The section is also responsible for coordinating food law issues and relations with the National Food Safety Authority. It also works with the Marine Research Institute on seafood safety. Additionally, the portfolio includes following up the entire EEA-legislative process relating to food and veterinary matters, as well as quality, labelling and tracing of seafood. The section also covers international veterinary questions and food standards, in the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius.