Agreement for petroleum activities and model production licenses

Legislation requires companies to obtain licences for petroleum activities.

Unofficial translations of the standard agreements for petroleum activities and model production licences:

Model production licence (in Norwegian)– Model production licence for awards in ordinary licensing rounds. 
Model Production Licence APA –Model production licence for awards in APA rounds (mature areas).

Attachment Joint Operating Agreement and Accounting Agreement  – Companies being awarded a production licence are obliged to enter into an Agreement for petroleum activities. The agreement consists of two parts: Special provisions and an attachment containing enclosure A – Joint Operating Agreement and enclosure B – Accounting Agreement.

Model joint operating agreement for stratigraphically divided production licences (in Norwegian) - Licensees in production licences for stratigraphically divided areas will be required to enter into a joint operating agreement for the stratigraphically divided area.

Model unit agreement  -This model agreement has been formulated in cooperation with Norsk Olje og Gass and was approved by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in February 2012. The agreement is based on the model joint operating agreement.

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