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Foreign nationals with no symptoms of coronavirus infection may leave Norway

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Health and Care Services

Foreign nationals who have come to Norway from abroad and are therefore quarantined, but have not developed infection symptoms, may now leave Norway. If they choose to stay in Norway, they must remain in quarantine for the full period. Foreign nationals in quarantine because they have been in contact with infected persons in Norway must remain in quarantine for the full period.

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Departure from Norway is contingent on sound infection control measures being practiced during transport from the place of quarantine to the place of departure.

This entails the following:

If you have to use public transport or taxi to get to the nearest airport, bus station, railway station or border crossing, you must keep at least two meters’ distance between you and your nearest fellow passengers.

You must make sure to practice good hand and cough hygiene.

At airports with direct flights out of Norway, there will be municipal personnel on hand who can be contacted if problems arise. Travel on a domestic flight is possible if necessary, in which case sound infection control measures must be practiced. At domestic airports, however, there will be no municipal personnel who can be contacted.

You may use your own car to travel out of the country, but it is up to you to check which border crossing points are open.

If you want to leave Norway by air, you must obtain a valid ticket on your own. Airports with direct flights out of Norway are:

  • Gardermoen
  • Stavanger
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim
  • Tromsø
  • Torp

If you become ill or develop symptoms while on your way out of Norway, call the health service for help at Tel. 116 117.

We emphasise that if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath, you must remain in isolation, and you may not leave the country.