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  • New report about how to influence voters to use their right to vote

    2018-07-06 Report Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    In connection with the parliamentary elections in 2017, experiments with specific measures were carried out to increase voter participation. The purpose of the experiments was to inquire the impact of different measures to mobilize people to vote.

  • Oppsummering fra OGP-seminar 19. juni 2018

    04.07.2018 Separate website Åpenhet i forvaltningen

    Møtet ble arrangert på noe utradisjonell måte: deltakerne samlet seg rundt fire bord og sammen diskuterte de seg fram til forslag til forpliktelser. PWC loset deltakerne gjennom seminaret. Foto: Tom Arne Nygaard Mange syntes arbeidsformen var nyttig

  • Stortingsmeldingsprosessen begynner å ta form!

    03.07.2018 Separate website Innovasjon i offentlig sektor

    – Vi skal ikke sitte alene i departementskontorene og skrive stortingsmelding om innovasjon i offentlig sektor, men ha en åpen og involverende prosess hvor vi får nyttiggjort alle de gode ressursene som finnes, både i offentlig og privat sektor, sa

  • Tilskudd over den midlertidige tilskuddsordningen er fordelt

    03.07.2018 Separate website Oppfølging av NOU 2015: 7 Assimilering og motstand

    Fordeling av tilskudd Pressemelding om fordelingen  

  • Norway to strengthen cooperation with Croatia on business development and justice and home affairs

    2018-07-03 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Today Norway and Croatia signed MoUs under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme amounting to around EUR 103.4 million. Key focus areas will be business development and innovation, energy, and justice and home affairs.

  • Speech at the international Ukraine Reform Conference in Copenhagen

    2018-07-02 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Thank you, Denmark, for hosting us today. Norway is a committed friend of Ukraine. We stand by you both politically and economically. Our support package over the last 5 years amounts to more than 100 million euros. We are encouraged by the number

    By Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide

  • Troika Statement on the South Sudan Peace Talks

    2018-06-29 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The following statement was issued jointly by the Governments of the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Norway.

  • Facts about Norwegian renewable energy in English

    2018-06-29 News story Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    The Norwegian energy facts website is now available in English. The site contains facts about the Norwegian energy system, and can be a useful source of information for the energy sector, educational institutions, the public

  • Illicit trade in cultural artefacts

    2018-06-29 Article Ministry of Culture

    The illicit sale of cultural objects stolen from museums or looted from archaeological sites is a growing international problem. Countries in conflict and countries affected by natural disasters are particularly vulnerable.

  • Speeding up Guyana partnership

    2018-06-28 News story Ministry of Climate and Environment

    The Governments of Guyana and Norway met today in Oslo, Norway, agreeing to move their climate, forests, and sustainable development forward with speed and determination. "I am delighted that we now have strong agreement with the Government of

  • Greetings to the 72nd International Summer School

    2018-06-28 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Excellences, partners and friends of ISS, faculty members, and – most importantly – students of the International Summer School. Welcome to Norway! It is impressive that the ISS is bringing together 550 students from 90 countries. It is practically

    By State Secretary Jens Frølich Holte

  • Brukerfokus, nyskaping og eksperimentering – for en mer effektiv forvaltning

    28.06.2018 Separate website Innovasjon i offentlig sektor

    Stimulab skal stimulere til offentlig innovasjon fra innbyggernes perspektiv. Nå har fire nye innovative utviklingsprosjekter fått støtte. Nytt av året er at også kommunal sektor er med i ordningen. Stimulab er et samarbeid mellom Direktoratet for

  • Solution found for migrant rescue ship Lifeline

    2018-06-27 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The migrant rescue ship Lifeline has docked in Malta after a group of European countries, including Norway, agreed to assist Malta and offer to resettle a number of the more than 200 migrants on board.

  • Australia and Norway strengthening oceans cooperation

    2018-06-27 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Australia and Norway launched their first bilateral dialogue on oceans in Canberra today to strengthen our cooperation in oceans management.

  • The Joint Strike Missile has proven advanced capabilities and has passed all the qualifying tests

    2018-06-27 Press release Ministry of Defence

    An important milestone has now been achieved, with the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) passing the last of its planned tests in the missile qualification programme. The development phase of the JSM is now in its final stage and is scheduled for

  • Norway steps up the fight against illegal deforestation with UN and INTERPOL

    2018-06-27 News story Ministry of Climate and Environment

    Organized criminals make 50-152 billion USD a year illegally cutting down invaluable tropical forests and their activities have detrimental consequences for sustainable development in rainforest nations and the global climate.

  • By Finance Minister Siv Jensen: 2018 Norway China Capital Markets Seminar

    2018-06-27 Speech/statement Ministry of Finance

    I am pleased to open this Norway China Capital Markets Seminar here in Shanghai. Let me express my gratitude to Finance Norway, the Norwegian Consulate General and Innovation Norway for preparing and hosting this important gathering. Let me also

  • Launches sale of remaining 37,800,000 shares in SAS

    2018-06-26 News story Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Norwegian state represented by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries launches sale of its remaining 37,800,000 shares in SAS

  • Promotion of the status and quality of teachers

    2018-06-26 Article Ministry of Education and Research

    "Promotion of the status and quality of teachers - joint effort for a modern school of knowledge” is a government programme to create schools where students learn more.

  • Legal framework

    2018-06-25 Article Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    The Constitution has a number of provisions relating to parliamentary elections. More detailed provisions relating to the conduct of elections, are to be found in the Representation of the People Act 2002 (Election Act). In addition we have Election

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