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  • Archives

    03/04/2019 Article Ministry of Culture and Equality

    All government agencies are required to archive documents used when carrying out their duty. The archives secure its documents as sources of information for the future.

  • Sustainability indicators for Nordic towns

    01/04/2019 Report Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

    Sweco have made a report suggesting a selection of 30 different sustainability indicators for Nordic towns. The report is a part of the project "attractive towns" under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

  • The IA Agreement 2019–2022

    29/03/2019 Article Inkluderende arbeidsliv (IA)

    Letter of Intent regarding a more inclusive working life. A working life with room for everyone.

  • Fourth Norwegian Action Plan - Open Government Partnership (OGP)

    29/03/2019 Plans/strategy Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

    This is the Fourth Norwegian Open Government Partnership Action Plan.

  • NOU 2019: 7 - Work and benefits

    Measures to increase employment

    28/03/2019 Norwegian Official Report (NOU) Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion

  • A Society For All

    27/03/2019 Plans/strategy Ministry of Children and Families, Ministry of Culture and Equality, Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Care Services, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, Ministry of Transport

    The government’s strategy for the equality of persons with disabilities for the period 2020-2030

  • Report on cases of financial irregularities in 2018

    Foreign Service Control Unit

    27/03/2019 Report Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Foreign Service Control Unit deals with cases involving breaches of Foreign Service rules, unless responsibility for following up a specific type of irregularity has been assigned to a different unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Guidelines for dealing with suspected financial irregularities in the Foreign Service

    27/03/2019 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Zero tolerance of financial irregularitiesmeans that the Foreign Service is to respond to any deviations from the rules and conditions that form the basis for the management of the Ministry’s funds, including agreements relating to operational

  • Zero tolerance and financial irregularities in practice

    27/03/2019 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a policy of zero tolerance of financial irregularities in connection with the use of funds allocated to the Ministry by the Storting (Norwegian parliament). The principle of zero tolerance applies to both

  • What Defines an Indigenous People?

    22/03/2019 Article Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

    No general, internationally accepted definition of indigenous peoples exists. It is typical of indigenous populations that they do not represent the dominant population in the larger society of which they are part, although they may be the

  • Laws and legislative work

    21/03/2019 Article Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    The Ministry of Justice and Public Security is responsible for ensuring that the Norwegian legislation is of high quality.

  • Tertiary Vocational Education

    21/03/2019 Article Ministry of Education and Research

    Tertiary vocational education provides vocational education founded on upper secondary education or equivalent prior learning and work experience, and comprises the equivalent of at least one-half and no more than two entire academic years.

  • Regulations for the 2019 local government elections for municipalities and counties that are subject to boundary changes that come into effect January 1st 2020

    20/03/2019 Regulation Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

    The Norwegian government has adopted changes to the local government structure, reducing the number of municipalities from 428 to 356 and the number of counties from 19 to 11. The mergers will come into effect January 1st 2020.

  • The Election Act

    14/03/2019 Law Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

    Act No. 57 of 28 June 2002 relating to parliamentary and local government elections.

    Read act at

  • Meld. St. 14 (2018–2019) - Energy Stocks in the Government Pension Fund Global

    08/03/2019 Report to the Storting Ministry of Finance

  • Part-owned company

    08/03/2019 Article Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    Equinor is an international energy company with about 21 000 employees in 30 countries. Its main activities are oil and gas production.

  • Future acquisitions for the Norwegian Defence Sector 2019-2026

    28/02/2019 Plans/strategy Ministry of Defence

    This document gives an overview of future acquisitions for the Norwegian Defence Sector in the period 2019 - 2026.

  • The Mine Ban Treaty - fact sheet

    26/02/2019 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) is the international agreement that prohibits anti-personnel mines. Its official title is the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction.

  • Norway’s engagement in global mine clearance

    26/02/2019 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    18 September 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty in Oslo, and 1 March 2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of its entry into force.

  • Convention Norway - Chile

    25/02/2019 Article Ministry of Finance

    Convention between the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Chile for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital. Convention of 2001 Pursuant to the Most Favour