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  • Emerging forest-based solutions and their implications for forest management

    06/10/2017 Speech/statement Ministry of Agriculture and Food

    Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues. Oslo was earlier this year granted the European Forest City 2017 award by the European Forest Institute. We are grateful for this honor, and it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Oslo and Norway. We are

    By State Secretary Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal

  • Tenure Facility to secure indigenous peoples`rights: Norway fulfills support pledge

    03/10/2017 News story Ministry of Climate and Environment

    - I am delighted to announce that The Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative intends to support the Tenure Facility Facility with 20 million USD over the next few years, Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment Vidar Helgesen announced on 3

  • Ny DFØ-direktør med brennende engasjement for effektivitet

    03.10.2017 Separate website Program for bedre styring og ledelse i staten

    Hilde Singsaas har nylig tiltrådt som ny direktør for Direktoratet for økonomistyring (DFØ). Program for bedre styring og ledelse i staten har hatt gleden av å få høre hennes tanker om den nye rollen og hennes ambisjoner for DFØ. Det er ikke tvil om

  • Changes among the state secretaries

    29/09/2017 Press release Office of the Prime Minister

    In today’s session of the Council of State, the King has appointed Mr. Svein Arne Flåtten as state secretary to Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

  • Først gradvis og så plutselig

    28.09.2017 Separate website Program for bedre styring og ledelse i staten

    Program for bedre styring og ledelse har arrangert frokostseminar om beslutninger, og her er opptak og presentasjoner. Dere kan blant annet se Silvija Seres’ heseblesende gjennomgang av den fjerde industrielle revolusjon og hva som skjer med de som

  • F-35 snart klare til å fly til Norge

    28.09.2017 Separate website Kampflybloggen

    De første norske flyene som skal lande på Ørland i november er snart klare til å fly hjem. FOTO: Lockheed Martin Nå har jeg, sammen med et team fra Forsvaret og Forsvarsmateriell, vært i Forth Worth i USA for å se på flyene som kommer til Norge i

  • Agreement with China to renegotiate tax treaty

    28/09/2017 Press release Ministry of Finance

    China and Norway agree to renegotiate the tax treaty between the two countries. This became clear during a meeting between China's tax minister Wang Jun and Finance Minister Siv Jensen on Wednesday.

  • Call for Proposals, Grants to other ODA-eligible OSCE countries (Eurasia)

    28/09/2017 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The overriding objective of the grant scheme is to support democratic development in the Eurasian region. Support to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will be prioritised.

  • New app reveals deforestation

    27/09/2017 News story Ministry of Climate and Environment

    With a smartphone in the back pocket anyone can now reveal deforestation in tropical rainforests. The Forest Watcher app provides user access to satellite data showing changes in global forest cover, enabling them to rapidly react to threats and

  • Government launches international cyber strategy

    27/09/2017 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence

    'Over a very short space of time, the internet has altered the global landscape of which Norway is a part. We are seeing a sharp increase in digital security challenges and vulnerabilities. Norway's economy and security are dependent on a

  • Film policy

    27/09/2017 Article Ministry of Culture

    Film and other audiovisual productions are key cultural means of communication and artistic forms of expression. The Government is working to facilitate the production of high-quality audiovisual content in Norwegian and Sámi that is available to

  • Media policy

    27/09/2017 Article Ministry of Culture

    As set out in Article 100 of the Constitution of Norway, the state has an overarching responsibility in the media sector to promote freedom of speech and democracy by creating “conditions that facilitate open and enlightened public discourse.”

  • Kampklare kampfly

    26.09.2017 Separate website Kampflybloggen

    29. juni mottok Norge vårt syvende F-35 kampfly som brukes til øvings- og treningsformål på Luke Air Force Base. Flyet har 3i software som er veldig enkel å oppgradere til 3F. FOTO: US Air Force Våre syv kampfly har 3i software og kan oppgraderes

  • Norway's statement at the UN General Assembly 2017

    25/09/2017 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norway's statement at the opening of the UN General Assembly, 72nd session, was delivered by the UN ambassador Tore Hattrem.

    By Ambassador Tore Hattrem New York, 25 September

  • Agreement Norway - Panama

    25/09/2017 Article Ministry of Finance

    Agreement between the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Panama for the exchange of information relating to tax matters.

  • Frokostseminar: Hvordan ta gode beslutninger i en omskiftelig tid?

    25.09.2017 Separate website Program for bedre styring og ledelse i staten

    Skal statlige ledere klare å møte de utfordringene de står overfor, må de evne å ta gode beslutninger. Og skal de finne gode løsninger som svarer på utfordringene, krever det et godt forarbeid. Men flere undersøkelser viser at statlige utredninger

  • Fisheries minister Sandberg to UN meeting on fisheries crime

    24/09/2017 Press release Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg will attend the 3rd International Fisheries Crime Symposium in Vienna on the 25th September this year with participants from 56 countries with the goal to raise global awareness about organized crime

  • Changes among the political advisers

    22/09/2017 Press release Office of the Prime Minister

    The Office of the Prime Minister has appointed Ms. Marte Ziolkowski as political adviser to Minister of Defence Ine Eriksen Søreide. Ms. Ziolowski succeeds Mr. Audun Halvorsen, who has been appointed as state secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Changes among the state secretaries

    22/09/2017 Press release Office of the Prime Minister

    In today’s session of the Council of State, the King has appointed Mr. Audun Halvorsen, political adviser, as state secretary to Minister of EEA and EU Affairs Frank Bakke-Jensen.Ms. Maria Jahrmann Bjerke, political adviser, was appointed as state

  • Address at ministerial meeting on Syria

    21/09/2017 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende's address at a meeting on the humanitarian situation in Syria. The meeting was a follow-up after the Brussels Conference in April.

    By Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende New York, 21 September

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