Jakob Nilsson Vik

Past appointments:

Consultative Minister - did not take office (B)


Due to the Nazi-German attack on Norway on 09.04.1940, King Haakon VII and Johan Nygaardsvold’s Government had to leave Oslo. After fleeing northwards in the country, they left Norway on 07.06.1940 in order to seek exile in Great Britain. Temporary Norwegian government functions were established in London. After Nazi Germany’s capitulation on 08.05.1945, the Government sent a delegation to Oslo to prepare for the return of the King and the Government. The delegation awas established in Oslo on 14.05.1945, led by Crown Prince Olav as Regent and Minister of Defence Oscar Torp as acting Prime Minister and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs. On 31.05.1945, Prime Minister Nygaardsvold and the rest of the Government returned to Oslo. On 07.06.1945, King Haakon VII returned.

Minister of Social Affairs (B)

Ministry of Social Affairs (of 1916) - Jens Hundseid's Government


Minister of Social Affairs (B)

Ministry of Social Affairs (of 1916) - Peder Kolstad's Government