Christian Selmer Government

11. October 1880–3. April 1884

The change between Frederik Stang’s Government and Christian A. Selmer’s Government took place at the appointment of Christian Selmer as Prime Minister in a session of the Council of State on 11 October 1880.

Between 11 and 26 March 1884, six of the members of Christian Selmer’s Government were deprived of their offices by impeachment. Ministers Jacob Lerche Johansen, Christian H. Schweigaard and Nils Chr. Egede Hertzberg were not convicted. In a session of the Council of State on 3 April 1884, the Schweigaard/Løvenskiold Government (the April Government) was appointed, effective as of 3 April 1884. The Schweigaard/Løvenskiold Government was named after Prime Minister Christian H. Schweigaard and the Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm, Carl Otto Løvenskiold.

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Secretary to the Council of State in this period:

In Kristiania
State Secretary Halfdan Lehmann

In Stockholm
Director General Hans Schlytter

About the Government

Prime Minister:
Christian August Selmer