Vogt Government

17. June 1856–16. December 1858

The change between the Løvenskiold/Vogt Government and the Vogt Government took place at Severin Løvenskiold’s resignation as Governor-General on 17 June 1856. The Vogt Government was named after First Minister Jørgen Herman Vogt.

The change between the Vogt Government and the Sibbern/Birch/Motzfeldt Government took place at the appointment of Georg Christian Sibbern as Prime Minister on 16 December 1858. The Sibbern/Birch/Motzfeldt Government was named after Prime Minister Georg Chr. Sibbern and Ministers Christian Birch-Reichenwald and Ketil Motzfeldt.

Secretary to the Council of State in this period:

In Christiania
State Secretary Ulrik Frederik de Schouboe

In Stockholm
Director General Johan Frederik Monrad

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About the Government

Prime Minister:
Frederik Due