Vegetable seed

Requirements to seeds applies to the production with a view to marketing, import and the marketing of vegetable seed. Different specified requirements in connection with import of vegetable seed.

Seeds must satisfy the quality conditions with a view to marketing.

Seeds of the categories “prebasic”, “basic seed” and “certified seed”, must, in addition to satisfy the quality conditions, have been produced under official examination or examination under official supervision. National authorities in each EEA member state must have certified the seed lots of the categories “prebasic”, “basic seed” and “certified seed” and the packages, except small packages of category “certified seed”, must be labelled with an official label.

The category “standard seed” and small packages of the categories “certified seed”, shall have a suppliers label on the packages giving information about species, variety, category, company etc.

Generally, it is prohibited to import or market seeds if the seed contains narcotic substances, or is derived from a plant containing narcotic substances.

Generally, it is prohibited to import or market seeds of genetically modified plants except they are approved in Norway under the Gene Technology Act.