• Simple pressure vessels

    The regulation applies to the making available on the market of simple pressure vessels, that is, any welded container exposed to an internal overpressure exceeding 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar), which contains air or nitrogen, but is not intended to be exposed to open fire.

  • Amusement devices

    Safety on amusement devices. Requirement for permission to offer use of amusement devices to the public

  • Cableways

    Safety on cableways that rare not regulated by Regulation EU 2016/424

  • Portable fire extinguisher

    The regulation apply to obligations for: anyone to exercise caution in the event of flammable activity,  owners and users of buildings to prevent fire,  municipalities to prevent fires, those who sell portable fire extinguishing equipment.

  • Taximeters

    The requirements to taximeters apply when they are sold or offered for sale, and the measurement result is used in economic transaction. Different specified devices must be connected to the interface of a taximeter in service.

  • Pressure equipment

    The regulation applies to pressure equipment for a maximum pressure PS above 0.5 bar (overpressure) and which is designed, manufactured, marketed and put into operation. The regulation shall ensure that pressure equipment and devices are safe. The regulation also applies to notified bodies, user inspectorates and third-party bodies when they are performing conformity assessments and certification procedures in accordance with the regulation.