Detergents (content of phosphate)

Requirement related to restrictions of hazardous chemicals as well as requirements related to other products

Main requirements 

It is prohibited to produce, import, sell, or use detergents with a higher content by weight of phosphate than


  1. laundry detergents: 0.2%,
  2. machine dishwashing detergents: 3.8%;
  3. liquid detergents and detergents: 0.2%;
  4. powder detergents: 2.5%;
  5. specialty dairy and food products: 10.0%;
  6. specific means for milk production and other industry: 2,5%.

For concentrates for professional use in closed systems with automatic dosing, the limit values in subsection (a) to (f) apply after dilution.

The prohibition in subsection (a) does not apply to laundry detergents for consumers. As of January 1, 2017, the prohibition in the first paragraph of subparagraph (b) does not apply to machine dishwashers for consumers. Such detergents are regulated by the Detergents Regulation Article 4a and Annex VIa, cf. § 2-14.


The body of Norwegian legislation is constantly evolving. However, we  cannot guarantee that technical rules is updated at all times. Therefore it is the responsibility of the economic operators to ensure conformity with all relevant legislation.

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