Flammability of mattresses and upholstered furniture

Main requirements 

Mattresses and upholstered furniture shall withstand the ignition of smoldering cigarettes in accordance with specific criteria given in recognized standards.

The regulations covers both manufacture and import for sale, as well as other sales of mattresses and upholstered furniture for commercial purposes.

The regulation does not include:

  • Mattresses and upholstered furniture that are covered by other legislation / regulations that set requirements regarding ignition.
  • Used mattresses and upholstered furniture.
  • Restoration / outline and other manufacturing of furniture in crafts.
  • Bed and headboard.
  • Furniture with a seat that is not upholstered and that is not in direct contact with upholstered parts in the back or armrests.
  • Piano Chair.
  • Furniture designed for outdoor use only.


The body of Norwegian legislation is constantly evolving. However, we  cannot guarantee that technical rules is updated at all times. Therefore it is the responsibility of the economic operators to ensure conformity with all relevant legislation.

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