Textiles - Ban on highly combustible textiles

Clothing products, other upholstery products, fabrics and blankets should not burn faster than a specified speed.

Main requirements 

It is prohibited to manufacture for resale, introduce for resale and turnover:

  1. Clothing products for children up to 170 cm in size, which when tested for textiles have a burning time of 7.0 seconds or less.
  2. Other upholstery products and fabrics suitable for upholstery which have a burning time of 5.0 seconds or less.
  3. Blankets and the like commonly used in car, bed, stroller and the like. which, when testing the fabric, has a burn time of 5.0 seconds or less.


The body of Norwegian legislation is constantly evolving. However, we  cannot guarantee that technical rules is updated at all times. Therefore it is the responsibility of the economic operators to ensure conformity with all relevant legislation.

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