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Legislation and documentation

Legislation, regulations and the grant scheme for war graves and documentation relating to war graves.

Legal provisions

War graves are regulated under a specific provision of the Act relating to funerals (Norwegian only).

Act of 7 June 1996 No. 32 relating to cemeteries, cremation and funerals [Funeral Act], Section 23a

The graves of foreign soldiers and prisoners of war (war graves) from the First and Second World Wars are to be preserved for unlimited time, with proper upkeep and managed with the dignity appropriate to this type of grave.

The ministry may lay down further rules for the management and maintenance of war graves, war cemeteries and war memorials.

The bill for the amended Act (Prop. 81 L (2010–2011)) (Norwegian only) states on page 27 that the ministry may lay down further rules relating to the responsibility of joint parish councils for upkeep of war graves in ordinary cemeteries and may also transfer the responsibility for maintenance of war cemeteries and war memorials in the municipality to the joint parish council.

Regulations relating to war graves and grant scheme

The regulations of 13 April 2015 No. 370 relating to war graves (Norwegian only) were laid down in accordance with Section 23a of the Funeral Act.

These regulations apply to the maintenance of the graves of foreign soldiers and prisoners of war from the First and Second World Wars (war graves) in public cemeteries and of war cemeteries reserved for soldiers and prisoners of war from the Second World War. The regulations also apply to the war memorials erected or approved by the ministry’s war graves service.

A grant scheme for maintenance of war graves was established in connection with these regulations. Under the scheme, local cemetery authorities, and in special cases others that are responsible for maintenance of war graves, are allocated an annual grant to cover these costs.

Further information about the grant scheme for war grave maintenance may be found in Circular V-9N/2015 (Norwegian only).

Documentation relating to war graves

Registries have been established for all Norwegian war graves abroad and for the war graves of different countries in Norway. The registries contain all information that was available.

The Falstad Centre in Nord-Trøndelag county is responsible for the upkeep, quality assurance and dissemination of this documentation. The Falstad Centre receives an annual grant from the state for this purpose.

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