The Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO)

“The main aim and purpose of the Nordic Defence
Cooperation (NORDEFCO) is to strengthen the
participating nations’ national defence, explore common
synergies and  facilitate efficient common solutions.”
The NORDEFCO structure includes political and military
cooperation levels. In the Policy Steering Committee,
nations are represented by senior departmental officers,
such as the Policy Director. The Military Coordination
Committee (MCC) consists of flag-officers that represent
their respective nation’s chief of defence.

The NORDEFCO structure is a cooperation
structure, not a command structure. Cooperation
activities initiated from top or bottom are facilitated and
agreed within the structure, but the actual realization and
participation in activities remain national decisions.
Once a cooperation activity is implemented, it will be run
by the regular, existing national chain of command.

When the activity is being implemented, a NORDEFCO
agreement will decide upon a framework or lead nation
concept for the activity. An example of this could be
educational cooperation, where responsibility is divided
between the nations or a common exercise plan with a
rotating host-nation scheme for major exercises.