Participation in EU agencies and programmes

Norway participates in 11 EU programmes and 31 EU agencies. This is an important part of Norway’s cooperation with the EU.

Since the EEA Agreement entered into force in 1994, Norway’s participation in  EU programmes and agencies has increased steadily. EU programmes are intended to promote greater cooperation across borders in Europe. EU agencies are independent bodies set up by the EU to carry out technical, scientific or administrative tasks in order to assist the EU and its member states in their work.

Participation in EU programmes

During the period 2021–2027, Norway will be participating in 11 EU programmes. below. The EU is seeking to promote increased synergies between and co-financing of programmes in this period, with a view to improving its ability to address major challenges relating to the green transition, the post-COVID recovery, innovation, digitalisation, etc.

Overview: EU programmes with EEA EFTA participation

Participation in EU agencies

The EU has established a wide range of agencies to carry out technical, scientific and administrative tasks. EU agencies play a key role in shaping and implementing policies and managing EU programmes. They also provide advice on important thematic and policy areas. EU agencies vary greatly in terms of size, tasks and resources.

Through the EEA Agreement and various bilateral agreements with the EU, Norway participates in the activities of 26 EU agencies. In addition, Norway participates in the work of five agencies that manage EU programmes.  Participation in EU agencies is an integral part of the EEA EFTA states’ work to follow up the EEA Agreement. It also provides valuable opportunities for building networks and forging mutually beneficial contacts. As a rule, Norwegian representatives on the boards of agencies in which Norway participates have the right to attend, submit proposals and speak at meetings, but do not have the right to vote.

Overview: EU Agencies Norway participates in

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