Cooperation with EU agencies and programmes

Since the EEA Agreement entered into force in 1994, Norway has started to participate in a growing number of EU programmes and agencies. This is an important part of Norway’s cooperation with the EU.

EU agencies
Through the EEA Agreement and bilateral agreements with the EU, Norway participates in the activities of 21 EU agencies. In addition, Norway participates in the work of five agencies that manage EU programmes. For the EEA EFTA countries, participating in EU agencies is an integral part of their work to follow up the EEA Agreement. Participation of this kind also provides valuable opportunities for building networks and making mutually beneficial contacts. As a rule, Norwegian board representatives in the agencies Norway participates in have the right to attend, submit proposals and speak at meetings, but not to vote. 

Here you can find an overview of the Agencies Norway participates in or has a cooperation agreement with.

Here you can find information about the EU programmes Norway participates in 2014 - 2020 (only in Norwegian).