Ludvig Holberg Memorial Prize

The Holberg Prize recognises path-breaking scientific work in the humanities, social sciences, law and theology. The prize shall in addition contribute to raising the status of these disciplines in society and to stimulating interest in these fields among children and young people.

The prize is administered by a board appointed by the University of Bergen, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research. The prize value is 4.5 million NOK.

Holberg Prize laureates

2017 Onora O'Neill
2016 Stephen Greenblatt
2015 Marina Warner
2014 Michael Cook
2013 Bruno Latour
2012 Manuel Castells
2011 Jürgen Heinz Kocka
2010 Natalie Z. Davis
2009 Ian Hacking
2008 Fredric Jameson
2007 Ronald Dworkin
2006 Shmuel N. Eisenstadt
2005 Jürgen Habermas
2004 Julia Kristeva

The Nils Klim Prize

The Nils Klim Prize is awarded to researchers from the Nordic countries aged under 35 and within the same fields as the Holberg Prize.

Ludvig Holberg

Ludgig Holberg (1684–1754) was a Danish-Norwegian writer and sholar. He was born in Bergen in Norway, and studied and worked in Denmark. He held the Chairs of Metaphysics and Logic, Latin Rhetoric and History at the University of Copenhagen, and also studied theology and law.