Meld. St. 37 (2012-2013)

Integrated Management of the Marine Environment of the North Sea and Skagerrak (Management Plan) — Meld. St. 37 (2012–2013) Report to the Storting (white paper)

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10 Economic and administrative consequences

This white paper largely discusses the further development of existing policy instruments, and also some specific new measures. Management of Norway’s sea areas will be based on the best possible knowledge, and the intention is to strengthen the knowledge base for ecosystem-based management of the Barents Sea–Lofoten area through mapping, monitoring and research.

The economic and administrative consequences of the measures proposed in the white paper can be predicted with varying degrees of accuracy, but as the proposals are implemented, the consequences for public and private actors will be assessed in the usual way as set out in the Instructions for official studies and reports and the preparation of legislation.

Follow-up of measures that require allocations will be considered by the Government in the ordinary budgetary processes, and presented in the budget propositions of the ministries concerned. Follow-up of measures in the years to come will depend on economic developments and the budget situation.

Simplification the organisation of work on the management plans is expected to result in more effective use of resources. The development of a digital mapping tool to present information on the management plans should make the information more accessible to the public administration and users in the business sector and other interest groups. The remaining measures are not expected to have administrative consequences of any significance.

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