The Norwegian Government's Action Plan on Gender and Sexual Diversity (2023–2026)

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Goal 2:
Secure the rights of queer people

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  • Combat hate crime against queer people
  • Inclusive working life for queer people
  • Ban conversion therapy
  • Acceptance of people's own experience of their gender identity

Action 12
Propose a bill banning conversion therapy

In spring 2023, the Government will propose a bill to ban conversion therapy.

Action 13
Strengthen the police's preventive work through training and guidance

The national competence centre against hate crime will contribute to raising police districts' knowledge and competence about hate crime. The competence centre will carry out training for the police districts to strengthen the police's national efforts to prevent and combat hate crime, including hate crime against queer people.

Action 14
Further develop statistics and analyses of reported hate crime

For some time now, the National Police Directorate has prepared an annual analysis of hate crime in order to monitor developments in the reporting of such crimes and cases brought before the courts. The national statistics will be further developed to increase knowledge about how hate crime affects different groups, including discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Action 15
Establish dialogue and meeting places between the police and queer people

The police must to a greater extent ensure citizen participation in order to learn more about people's expectations of the police. The police, both nationally and at district level, must take the initiative to establish dialogue and suitable meeting places with different citizen groups. This is important both to ensure mutual exchange of information and to build relationships and trust.

Action 16
Include discrimination on grounds of sex characteristics in the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act

The Government will submit a proposal to include ‘sex characteristics' as separate grounds for discrimination in the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act and, if relevant, in other legislation.

Action 17
Consider introducing a third legal gender category

The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) has been assigned the task of presenting an official national study on a third legal gender category. The study will be submitted to the Government in 2023.

Action 18
Increase the competence of Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) employees

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service will incorporate knowledge about gender and sexual diversity in its competence-raising efforts in order to strengthen the Service's ability to contribute to good and inclusive working environments. The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Directorate will draw up general guidelines on non-discrimination in connection with employment services. This will include several user groups, also queer people.

Action 19
Improve statistics on the working environment and occupational health for queer people

The Government will improve statistics on working environment and occupational health for queer people by proposing gender identity as a variable in the working environment part of the living conditions survey. The questionnaires for the working environment part of the next living conditions survey will be revised in 2024.