The Norwegian Government's Action Plan on Gender and Sexual Diversity (2023–2026)

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Efforts outside Norway's borders


  • Queer people are protected against discrimination, persecution and abuse
  • Queer people's living conditions and human rights are safeguarded in development cooperation
  • Queer people are protected and have access to basic services in humanitarian crises
  • Civil society organisations have the capacity and scope they need to promote inclusion and human rights for queer people.

Action 44
Draw up a Nordic roadmap to counteract the growing opposition to equality and the rights of queer people

The Nordic equality ministers will work together to combat setbacks and opposition to equality. A Nordic roadmap will be drawn up that will be followed up through the Nordic cooperation on equality under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Action 45
Prioritise access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for all

Together with other countries, Norway will fight against setbacks to gender equality and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all. Comprehensive sexuality education in and outside the school system is an important part of this. Efforts on behalf of queer people will be intensified in accordance with the new guidelines for the foreign service's work on SRHR. Queer people and queer organisations will be involved in the work on promoting SRHR at the national level and in multilateral forums. Norway will also contribute to enhancing the inclusion of queer people's needs in research on SRHR and HIV in the primary health service and health systems.

Action 46
Advocate for equality and human rights for queer people in multilateral organisations

Through building alliances with other countries and participating in relevant UN organisations, the World Bank and global funds, Norway will advocate for a more systematic approach to the inclusion of queer people in the work on the UN's Sustainable Development Agenda and the fight against poverty. Information material about safeguarding the rights of queer people will be developed for use in relevant forums. Queer people's rights will be included in the Government's upcoming Action Plan for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Foreign and Development Policy, and Norway will contribute to the inclusion of queer people through efforts in organisations such as UN Women and the United Nations Population Fund.

Action 47
Emphasise dialogue with queer representatives and provide financial support to queer organisations

Dialogue and cooperation with LGBT+ activists and their organisations in different countries are crucial if we are to succeed in promoting the human rights and inclusion of queer people. Norway will contribute to ensuring that the voices of queer people are heard, and will coordinate efforts at the country level and in international forums in dialogue and cooperation with queer people themselves. Through grants for Norwegian, international and local LGBT+ organisations and by exchanging knowledge and experience, Norway will help to strengthen these organisations' capacity.

Action 48
Prioritise and continue efforts to promote queer rights in Europe through the EEA and Norway Grants.

Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Norway helps to reduce social and economic disparities in Europe. A fund to support civil society is mandatory in all beneficiary countries. Norway will prioritise and continue its efforts for LGBT+ people in new negotiations with the EU and the beneficiary countries for the next EEA and Norway Grants period after 2024.

Action 49
Contribute to ensuring that queer people's need for protection and basic services is addressed in humanitarian responses

Through Norwegian and international humanitarian organisations, Norway provides significant humanitarian aid to countries affected by crisis and conflict. In its dialogue and cooperation with other states and donors, the UN and humanitarian organisations, Norway will contribute to safeguard queer people's particular needs for protection and health services in humanitarian efforts. Norway will work to increase the inclusion of queer people and queer organisations in the development and implementation of humanitarian efforts.