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Coronavirus information for Diplomatic and Consular Missions

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As a result of the coronavirus situation, the Norwegian Government has adopted laws and regulations to control infection. The coronavirus regulations and infection control measures change frequently and often on short notice, and Missions are recommended to keep up to date by regularly visiting the relevant webpages.

Please find below:

  • Frequently asked questions regarding laws and regulations applicable to Diplomatic and Consular Missions, and
  • important links and circular notes related to the coronavirus situation.

Latest news

How can Missions keep updated on the coronavirus situation in Norway and current national measures? 

Useful webpages with official information:

Oslo Municipality corona hotline (several languages): 21 80 21 82.

Where can missions access resources and information in different languages to communicate advice and regulations to their nationals and communities in Norway?
The efforts Missions accredited to Oslo are making in reaching out to their nationals and communities with information on Covid-19 regulations in Norway are highly appreciated. Below are links to some of the most important webpages in various languages that Missions might find useful for their communication platforms.

Included for download are also posters with national measures in different languages.

Please also note that the Norwegian Directorate of Health has established an information hotline on 815 55 015, where coronavirus related questions can be answered in Arabic, Polish, Somali and Urdu, as well as Norwegian and English. The Oslo Municipality’s corona hotline on 21 80 21 82 can also answer the public in several languages.

Which entry regulations apply and how are diplomats resident in Norway affected by the measures enforced at the borders?
There are currently no Covid-19 entry restrictions or entry regulations in force in Norway. There is no longer any requirement for any traveler to complete a pre-arrival registration form, provide proof of a negative test, get tested upon arrival or quarantine after entry - regardless of vaccination status.

Please find more general information on entry regulations here:

How can foreign mission personnel get medical help in the case of a suspected Covid-19 infection?
In Oslo: Contact a GP/family doctor who treat patients who are without their own family doctor (fastlege) in Oslo.

In Bærum: Patients without their own GP/family doctor (fastlege) may contact Bærum helse og friskliv, tel. 67 50 87 50. You may also contact a private doctor or medical center. Contact information may be found online. In the case of acute illness and need of urgent medical attention, please call the Out-Of-Hours Medical Service (legevakt), tel. 116 117.

If life or health are at risk, please call tel. 113.
If you are from another EU/EEA country or Switzerland, and have a European Health Insurance Card or have registered a S1 form with Helfo, you are entitled to medically necessary healthcare, at public health institutions in Norway, under the same conditions as Norwegian resident nationals. This includes the right to pay the same standard consultation fee as Norwegians.

More information about healthcare for foreigners in Norway may be found at Foreigners in Norway (helsenorge.no).

As of 1 July 2021 foreign mission personnel and their dependent family members resident in Norway, who are notified to and accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have the possibility to be part of the General Practioner (GP) Scheme – “fastlegeordningen” –  during their tour of duty in Norway.

How can foreign mission personnel get tested for Covid-19?
City of Oslo: 
For information about testing for Covid-19 from the City of Oslo, please see Corona testing and test results.

Persons who are unable to book a test online can call the Corona hotline for Oslo inhabitants, tel. 21 80 21 82 (Workdays 08:30-15:00, Saturdays and Sundays 09:00-15:00) to arrange a test.

Bærum Municipality: For information about testing for Covid-19 in Bærum Municipality, please see Koronainformasjon på Engelsk/ Corona information in English | Bærum kommune (baerum.kommune.no). Call the Bærum Corona hotline, tel. 67 50 59 99 (Monday - Friday 08:15-21:00, Saturdays and Sundays 09:00-21:00), or send an e-mail with name and phone number to koronalegevakt@baerum.kommune.no to arrange a test.

Asker Municipality: For information about testing for Covid-19 in Asker Municipality, please see https://www.asker.kommune.no/korona/information-on-coronavirus/#testing 

There are also several commercial test options available giving written confirmation valid for travel of test results, among others are:

Are members of diplomatic missions in Norway included in the Coronavirus immunisation programme?
Yes. The Covid-19 vaccination process (“Coronavirus immunisation programme”) started in January 2021, and the available vaccines are being distributed according to recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH – Folkehelseinstituttet/FHI).

The current order of priority can be found on the  NIPH webpages: Who will get the coronavirus vaccine? - NIPH (fhi.no)

The municipalities have a duty to provide vaccination to people in prioritised groups who live or stay in the municipality. The municipalities are also responsible for people who are temporarily residing in the municipality, including diplomatic personnel (please see Vaksinasjon mot korona i kommunene - FHI – in Norwegian).

Foreign missions have been requested  (in circular note dated 11 January 2021) to submit the number of persons at the mission who wish to receive the vaccine and as well as the number of persons in different risk groups, as defined by the NIPH and (in circular notes dated 22 October 2021, 10 December 2021 and 5 January 2022) how many at the mission are eligible for a booster dose. Due to the privacy protection law, Oslo Municipality does not ask for electronically submitted lists with names of people identified as being in a medical risk group. Instead, the municipality has requested a contact point at each embassy. Oslo municipality is coordinating vaccination of foreign mission personnel resident in Oslo, Bærum and Asker.

All vaccination in Norway is voluntary. Both the vaccine itself and vaccination in the Coronavirus immunisation programme is free of charge.

For more information in English on the immunisation programme, please see the NIPH’s web page: Coronavirus immunisation programme - NIPH (fhi.no).

For status and more detailed information about the vaccine in Oslo, please see Oslo Municipality – Corona Vaccine

Will foreign mission personnel resident and vaccinated in Norway have access to a Norwegian Covid-19 certificate?
The Covid-19 certificate is accessible in the Helsenorge app and at Helsenorge.no, from which you can also print a PDF certificate.

Access to Helsenorge requires an electronic ID with security level 4 (as BankID, Buypass ID or Commfides e-ID). Buypass ID and Commfides e-ID are commercially available for individuals with a D-number. For non-digital users and users without access to Helsenorge, a print of the verifiable Covid-19 certificate can be requested from Helfo. For foreign mission personnel who are not registered in the National Population Register with their actual address of residence (most foreign mission personnel will be registered at the Chancery postal address), this must be done by sending a signed letter with a passport copy to Helfo. This is due to security and in compliance with privacy protection laws. Please see circular note dated 2 July for details.

For foreign mission personnel who do not have a D-number, the Mission may send a verbal note to the Ministry, with the person’s original passport, requesting a D-number.