Non CE marked construction products

Requirements documentation of non CE marked construction products

Main requirements 

The manufacturer needs to document the relevant essential characteristics.

The manufacturer can use a national standard or a national approval from a EU/EFTA state to document the characteristics of the construction products.

The manufacturer shall use relevant test methods to test and determine the performance of construction products.

Most importantly in Norway, it is necessary to use the same AVCP-systems as for CE marked construction products. Therefore, construction products, CE marked or not, should comply with the systems for assessment and verification of the performance of construction product (formerly systems for attestation of conformity) established by the European Commission. 

If the construction products are manufactured outside Norway but in the EEA, these should be lawfully markedet in other EU/EFTA states to get access to the Norwegian market.

The product documentation shall be in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

The technical documentation does not have to be in a Scandinavian language.


The body of Norwegian legislation is constantly evolving. However, we  cannot guarantee that technical rules is updated at all times. Therefore it is the responsibility of the economic operators to ensure conformity with all relevant legislation.

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