Products and consumer services

Main requirements 

The sufficient and relevant information to enable users with consumer product to assess their safety and possibly safeguard against danger, should be clear, easily accessible and adapted to the needs of the user and the recipient – which mean Norwegian or other understandable Scandinavian language.

The information that is necessary to be able to specify and trace the origin of the products that anyone who distributes consumer products should have available must be kept available for inspection for 5 years from the end of the year they are received.

The regulatory authority may require that the person manufacturing or importing a product, presents a representative sample of the product or conducts investigations that are necessary to assess the product's properties or effects. The Authority may itself carry out such investigations or undertake the necessary sampling and control of the products. The costs are on the manufacturer or importer, unless the Ministry decides that the costs will be covered in whole or in part by the public.

The authority shall have free access to the building, means of transport, warehouse, facility, area, etc. where a product that may cause an effect as mentioned in Section 1 in the product control act, is located.

The act is both an implementation of GPSD and national rules due to the safety of products and consumer services.


The body of Norwegian legislation is constantly evolving. However, we  cannot guarantee that technical rules is updated at all times. Therefore it is the responsibility of the economic operators to ensure conformity with all relevant legislation.

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