All government agencies are required to archive documents used when carrying out their duty. The archives secure its documents as sources of information for the future.

The Ministry of Culture manages the National Archives of Norway. The Ministry also allocates grants for operating the private archives of The Norwegian Labour Movement Archives and Library, Mission and Diakonia Archives and to the maintenance and development of the archive information system Asta and Arkivportalen.

The National Archives of Norway contributes to efficient record management, and secure, store and make available archives from government agencies and priority private archives.  The National Archives of Norway supervise the archive work in government agencies, and is responsible for professional standard and guidelines. The National Archives of Norway will also implement the overall national archive politic. The National Archives of Norway manage grants for archive development and projects.

The National Archives of Norway is organized into three functional areas: innovation, management and the public.

The Norwegian archives act has provisions on the responsibility and duties of The National Archives of Norway. The government  appointed a public committee to review the archive act. The committee looked in to the most important developments and challenges for the archives. They handed over their Official Norwegian Report 2. April 2019 NOU 2019: 9 (only in Norwegian)