KOMpakt is the Government’s consultative body on matters relating to CSR. In autumn 2011, KOMpakt was restructured and its mandate was revised. Today, KOMpakt has 33 members, who represent different groups of stakeholders: the authorities, the private sector, trade unions, civil society and academia. Members are appointed for two years at a time.

KOMpakt has two main objectives:

  • To strengthen the Government’s basis for developing policy and for decision-making in the area of CSR, with particular emphasis on international issues; 
  • To enhance dialogue between the Government, the private sector, interest groups and academia on key questions relating to CSR. 

In order to achieve these objectives, KOMpakt has been given the following mandate:

  • To make statements to the Government and the ministries when they ask for KOMpakt’s view on an issue;
  • To suggest new policies or concrete measures on its own initiative;
  • To facilitate discussions of issues that have broad relevance for Norwegian actors’ CSR efforts; 
  • To contribute to competence-building and the exchange of information where this is relevant to its objectives.

Meetings are to be held when required; usually there will be four meetings a year. One of these meetings can be an open meeting or seminar. A working committee (made up of and appointed by members of KOMpakt for a two-year term) has the task of preparing the meetings.

KOMpakt is led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is also the secretariat for the body.