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Norway’s efforts to promote freedom of expression and independent media

Freedom of expression is a prerequisite for a functioning democracy where all members of society have access to information and are able to influence social development. Freedom of expression is also vital for the realisation of other fundamental human rights, such as freedom of assembly and freedom of religion or belief. Promoting freedom of speech is a key priority in Norway’s foreign and development policy.

Norway’s strategy for promoting freedom of expression in foreign and development policy was launched in 2021. The strategy sets out the priorities and objectives of Norway’s efforts to protect and promote freedom of expression internationally.

Norway’s efforts are intended to promote a diversified, independent media sector, ensure access to information, and protect the freedom of expression of journalists, writers, artists and other vulnerable groups. In the light of the rapid pace of development of digital technologies, Norway will also work to safeguard freedom of expression and information in the digital space.

Norway promotes freedom of expression and freedom of the press through its participation in the UN and other international and regional organisations, through bilateral dialogue and cooperation, and by providing support to civil society organisations and human rights defenders.

More information about Norway’s efforts to promote freedom of expression and strategic objectives in this area can be found here.