Whistleblowing in the Foreign Service

Updated: January 2018

Employees are encouraged to report illegal, unethical or other unacceptable circumstances in the Foreign Service, including financial irregularities related to projects financed by the Ministry.

Examples of unacceptable circumstances include financial irregularities, bullying, harassment, discrimination or drug misuse. Whistleblowing reports should be supported by documentary evidence that indicates where there has been a breach of legislation or agreement.


As a general rule, Foreign Service employees should in the first instance discuss the matter in question with their immediate superior or, if more appropriate, a more senior line manager.

Employees may also report unacceptable circumstances to the Foreign Service Control Unit or through the Foreign Service’s external reporting channel. Such matters may be reported to the Foreign Service Control Unit either by email to: 


or by letter to:

Sentral kontrollenhet
Postboks 8114 Dep,
0032 Oslo

Mark the email or envelope “Varsel”.

If you wish to make use of the external reporting channel, you may do so by completing this online QuestBack form.

by email to: varsling.dep@wiersholm.no   

or by letter to:

v/Avdeling for granskning og compliance
Postboks 1400 Vika,
0115 Oslo

Mark the email or envelope “Konfidensielt varsel”.

Unacceptable circumstances may also be reported by telephone to: (+47) 21 02 10 00.

Whistleblowing reports may be made anonymously, regardless of the channel you choose to use.