Department of Public Security

The Department of Public Security is responsible for the overall coordination of public security as set out by the Instructions for the Ministries’ work with civil protection and emergency preparedness of 1 September 2017.

The department’s areas of responsibility also include the Norwegian search and rescue service, national security, crisis management, civil protection, total defence, national cyber security, as well as coordination of civil protection and civil emergency planning in NATO, the EU and UN.

The department consists of the following sections

  • KSE – Permanent Secretariat to the Government Emergency Management Council

    The KSE is a part of the central emergency management system in Norway. The Emergency Support Unit supports the Ministries and the Crisis Council, the highest coordinating body at administrative level, in emergencies.

  • Preventive National Security

  • Prevention and Preparedness

  • Analysis, Strategic Planning and Audits

  • Rescue and Emergency Communication