Police Department

The Police Department is responsible for drawing up the main lines for the development and management of the police force in both the short and long term.

The department is charged with agency management of the National Police Directorate and the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST). Legislation and regulatory development, combatting crime, national security and international work are part of the department's area of responsibility.

Subordinate agencies:

The department consists of the following sections

  • Section for Combatting Crime (SKB)

    The section has tasks that ensue from the Police Department's overall responsibility for facilitating the long-term management and development of the police force and PST in the fight against crime. The overall aim of the section is to contribute to policy development and strategic path choices in this field in a future-looking perspective while taking international guidelines into account.

  • Legal Section (JUS)

    The section is responsible for legal issues and regulatory development in the Police Department's area. Key acts are the Police Act, Police Databases Act, Firearms Act and Passport Act.

  • Section for Finance, Preparedness and Long-Term Planning (ØBL)

    The section is responsible for the department's work on the national budget for the police force. It is also responsible for following up the police force's work on emergency preparedness, and is in charge of the department's crisis management activities and planning of exercises. In addition, the section is responsible for coordinating the Ministry's work on analyses and long-term plans for the police and prosecuting authorities, as well as follow-up of building and lease-related matters for the police.

  • Section for National Security (SNS)

    The section is responsible for policy development related to national security within the Police Department's area of responsibility, which includes analyses and policy development for the Norwegian Police Service and PST with a focus on the most serious threats.

  • Section for Governance and Organisational Development (SSO)

    SSO is responsible for co-ordinating, implementing and advancing the development of the Ministry's management dialogue with the National Police Directorate, Norwegian Police Security Service and Director General of Military Prosecutions.