Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017)

Common Responsibility for Common Future— Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017) Report to the Storting (white paper), English summary

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10 Greater focus on migration

The movement of people within countries and between countries and continents is likely to increase. War and conflict is one of the reasons. Climate change is another. The huge population growth in Africa and the Middle East is a challenge. It is particularly difficult for weak and fragile states to deal with a sudden influx of large numbers of people. At worst, this can lead to conflicts or humanitarian crises spreading to new areas.

In addition to the major contributions Norway makes to humanitarian efforts to protect people who have fled their homes, we will also help to strengthen the capacity of host and transit countries to deal with mass migration. This is in line with SDG 10, which includes a target on facilitating orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration. Aid provided in this context will meet the criteria for official development assistance as defined by the OECD.