Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017)

Common Responsibility for Common Future— Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017) Report to the Storting (white paper), English summary

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8 A longer-term perspective on humanitarian aid and greater flexibility in long-term development aid

A new form of humanitarian response is needed in protracted crises. Efforts to meet immediate humanitarian needs must be considered alongside more sustainable and long-term solutions. Vulnerability must be reduced and resilience enhaced. Different instruments must be used in a coordinated manner to address the underlying causes of humanitarian need: conflict, climate change and poverty. More focus will be placed on these issues in Norway’s humanitarian efforts, in line with the Grand Bargain declaration.

Priority will be given to protecting civilians and ensuring access to the most vulnerable groups. Women are particularly vulnerable in humanitarian crisis situations. Norway will intensify its humanitarian efforts to promote reproductive health and combat gender-based violence.