Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017)

Common Responsibility for Common Future— Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017) Report to the Storting (white paper), English summary

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15 Realism, results, risks and lessons learned

Development depends on a complex and comprehensive set of factors. It is therefore important to set realistic goals for what we can expect Norwegian aid to achieve in a given context and with the resources available.

Norwegian aid efforts have traditionally focused on the poorest countries with limited institutional capacity and infrastructure. This affects the results we can expect to achieve. Increased focus on countries and regions with a high degree of vulnerability will require an even greater tolerance of risk. We will ensure that we have good systems for planning, implementation and measuring results. We will carry out thorough risk assessments, and adapt our efforts to changing circumstances as necessary. We have established an extensive set of guidelines, systems and rules to ensure good control and prevent irregularities. However, we cannot protect ourselves completely against losses or disappointing results.

We know a lot about what does and does not work. We will strive towards better and more systematic use of the experience and knowledge we have gained.