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  • Speech at WADA Foundation Board in Glasgow

    2016-11-20 Speech/statement Ministry of Culture

    WADA Foundation Board in Glasgow, 20th November 2016.

    By Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland

  • Nytt notat frå testkontoret i Pentagon 

    19.11.2016 Separate website Kampfly

    Eit norsk F-35 tek av for ei testflyging frå fabrikken i Fort Worth i oktober 2015. Foto: Lockheed Martin. Denne veka publiserte Aviation Week eit internt notat som leiaren for testkontoret i Pentagon, Michael Gilmore, sendte fram til den

  • Speech at the Rafto Conference

    2016-11-19 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    State Secretary Laila Bokhari's speech at the Rafto Conference at the University of Bergen on 19 November 2016.

    By State Secretary Laila Bokhari

  • Long Term Defence Plan adopted

    2016-11-18 Article Ministry of Defence

    On 15 November the Storting adopted Norway’s new Long Term Defence Plan. Now begins the job of putting the contents of the plan into effect. This article explains a bit about the way forward.

  • Establishment of Artica Svalbard Foundation

    2016-11-17 Press release Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Culture, the Fritt Ord Foundation and Sparebank1 Nord-Norge’s Cultural Business Development Foundation are joining forces to establish a new foundation with a mandate to promote artistic and cultural activity on Svalbard - the Artica

  • Norway provides NOK 47 million in aid to the Central African Republic

    2016-11-17 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    ‘The population of the Central African Republic is suffering because of the armed conflict, attacks on civilians and the grave humanitarian situation. The UN and the various aid organisations have only received around 30 % of the funding they need

  • Guyana and Norway agree on how to take partnership dialogue forward

    2016-11-17 News story Ministry of Climate and Environment

    President David Granger of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and Minister of Climate and Environment Vidar Helgesen of the Kingdom of Norway met yesterday on the sidelines of the UN Climate Change Convention in Marrakesh, Morocco, for a very

  • Norway’s engagement in peace processes since 1993

    2016-11-17 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The following is an overview of areas where Norway has made an active contribution to peace and reconciliation processes.

  • The Rights of the Child in Norway

    2016-11-16 Report Ministry of Children and Equality

    Norway's fifth and sixth periodic reports to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child - 2016.

  • Competency in kindergarten

    2016-11-16 Article Ministry of Education and Research

    The professional and personal competencies of its staff are a kindergarten’s most important resource and play an essential role in ensuring that the kindergarten is a good arena for formative development, care, play, learning and reducing social

  • Norway increases its humanitarian support to women and children in Syria

    2016-11-15 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    'Six million children in Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Norway is again increasing its education efforts for children and youth, as well as support to pregnant and other women affected by the conflict,' said Minister of Foreign

  • Opening speech EHiN-FH 20166

    2016-11-15 Speech/statement Ministry of Health and Care Services

    Good morning! It is a pleasure for me to welcome you all to the largest e-health conference in Norway. A special welcome to our international guests. Getting patients involved in decisions about own health care, is in the heart of the health policy

    By Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie

  • From 33 to 21 state universities and university colleges

    2016-11-15 News story Ministry of Education and Research

    Hedmark University College and Lillehammer University College are merging to become Høgskolen i Innlandet [University College of Eastern Norway] as from 1 January 2017. “This merger is one of the last pieces of the puzzle in the most extensive

  • Proposal for renewal and improvement of school subjects

    2016-11-15 Press release Ministry of Education and Research

    The government is seeking renewal of the subjects taught in schools to enable pupils to achieve more in-depth learning and better understanding. Greater focus will also be placed on the schools’ broad education and qualification mission within the

  • Enhancing kindergarten efforts relating to diversity and the youngest children

    2016-11-15 Press release Ministry of Education and Research

    The Minister of Education and Research has circulated a proposal for a new framework plan for kindergartens for consultative review. He is looking to strengthen kindergarten activities in connection with the youngest children, diversity, meals,

  • Recreational fisheries

    2016-11-14 Article Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    Recreational fisheries is an important part of norwegian coastal culture. This is mirrored in a liberal set of rules applying to norwegian recreational fishermen. There are no

  • Agreement on new peace accord in Colombia

    2016-11-13 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Colombian government and the guerrilla group Farc-EP announced this evening in Havana that they have reached a new peace accord.

  • Dette biletet er historisk – av tre grunnar!

    11.11.2016 Separate website Kampfly

    Foto: USAF Dei som følgjer med på kva som skjer rundt F-35 har sikkert sett liknande bilete mange ganger før, men det er minst tre grunnar til at dette biletet som vart teke på Luke Air Force Base i går er historisk. For det første – dette er den

  • New ambassadors from Brazil, Russia and Bhutan

    2016-11-10 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Three new ambassadors to Norway presented their letters of credence to His Majesty King Harald V on 10 November 2016.

  • - Natural gas is an essential part of a sustainable energy future

    2016-11-10 News story Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    On Thursday, the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Mr. Tord Lien, opened The Economist Energy Summit in London.