Gunnar Knudsen's First Government

19. March 1908–2. February 1910

Liberal Party (V)

Gunnar Knudsen’s First Government was appointed by King Haakon VII in a session of the Council of State on 18 March 1908, effective as of 19 March 1908 at 10.30 a.m. It succeded Jørgen Løvland’s Government, which had received a vote of no confidence in the Storting.

In a session of the Council of State on 27 January 1910, Gunnar Knudsen's First Government handed in its resignation, as general elections 2 October-20 November 1909 had not rendered sufficient support for the Government in the Storting. Permission to leave was granted by King Haakon VII in a session of the Council of State on 1 February 1910, effective as of 2 February 1910 at 11 a.m. At the same time, Wollert Konow's (S.B.) Government was appointed, effective as of the same point of time.

About the Government

Prime Minister:
Gunnar (Aanon Gunerius) Knudsen (V)
Parliamentary basis:
One-party government
Appointment reason:
Change after government crisis
Resignation reason:
Change after general elections
Parties in the Government:
Venstre (V)