Ministry of Defence (1885–)

The Ministry of Defence is a Government Office with responsibility for the formation and implementation of Norwegian security and defence policy.

On 1 September 1885, the Ministry of the Army (of 1846) had its name changed to the Ministry of Defence. Affairs were transferred from the abolished Ministry of the Navy (of 1885).

On 26 November 1920, aviation affairs, except mail transport, were assigned to the Ministry of Defence.

During the Second World War 1940-1945, Norwegian ministries were working under the legal leadership of Johan Nygaardsvold’s Government in exile in London, and under Nazi Germany’s occupation authorities in Oslo (marked NS).

The Ministry of Defence did not exist as a separate ministry in Oslo during the war. Remaining affairs were transferred to the Ministry of the Interior (of 1940) NS, in December 1944 to the Ministry of Finance and Customs NS.

On 8 May 1945, the ministry structure in Oslo was re-established as it was on 9 April 1940. At the same time, pilotage affairs were transferred from the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Trade (of 1916).

On 3 August 1945, the Ministry of Defence was organised in departments and offices according to fields of affairs, no longer according to defence branches.

On 15 February 1946, the Department of Civil Aviation in the Ministry of Defence was transferred to the Ministry of Labour (of 1885).