Otto B. Halvorsen's Second Government

6. March 1923–30. May 1923

Conservative Party (H), Freeminded Liberal Party (FV) and Liberal Party (V)

Otto B. Halvorsen’s Second Government was appointed by King Haakon VII in a session of the Council of State on 5 March 1923, effective as of 6 March 1923 at 12 noon. It succeded Otto Blehr’s Second Government, after this Government had lost a vote in the Storting on increased wine and liquor imports from Spain and Portugal.

In a session of the Council of State on 24 May 1923, acting Prime Minister Christian Michelet announced that Prime Minister Otto B. Halvorsen had passed away the previous day. At King Haakon VII's request, the Government remained in office until it was reconstructed in a session of the Council of State on 30 May 1923, effective as of 11 a.m. the same day. Minister of Finance Abraham Berge was appointed Prime Minister. At the King's request, the other government members declared their willingness to remain in office. Christian Lange Rolfsen was appointed Minister of Justice.

Secretary to the Council of State in this period:
State Secretary Hans Severin Fürst

About the Government

Prime Minister:
Otto Bahr Halvorsen (H)
Parliamentary basis:
Minority government
Appointment reason:
Change after government crisis
Parties in the Government:
Høyre (H) og Frisinnede Venstre (FRIVNSTR)