Gunnar Knudsen Second Government

31. January 1913–21. June 1920

Liberal Party (V)

Gunnar Knudsen’s Second Government was appointed by King Haakon VII in a session of the Council of State on 30 January 1913, effective as of 31 January 1913. It succeded Jens Bratlies Government, as general elections 20 October-11 November 1912 had not rendered sufficient suport for this Government in the Storting.

On 4 February 1919, Gunnar Knudsen's Second Government handed in its resignation, as the Government had not seen sufficient support in the Storting for its restrictive economic policy. In a session of the Council of State on 20 February 1919, King Haakon VII requested the Government to remain in office. Apart from Ministers Lars Kr. Abrahamsen,  Kristian Friis Petersen and Christian Holtfodt, government members withdrew their resignations.

In a session of the Council of State on 16 June 1920, Gunnar Knudsen's Second Government again handed in its resignation, after having lost a vote in the Storting on restrictive economic measures. Permission to leave was granted by King Haakon VII in a session of the Council of State on 19 June 1920, effective as of 21 June 1920 at 12 noon. At the same time, Otto B. Halvorsen's First Government was appointed, effective as of the same point of time. 

Secretary to the Council of State in this period:
State Secretary Nils Otto Hesselberg

About the Government

Prime Minister:
Gunnar (Aanon Gunerius) Knudsen (V)
Parliamentary basis:
Minority government
Appointment reason:
Change after general elections
Resignation reason:
Change after government crisis
Parties in the Government:
Venstre (V)